Annoying Office Habits!


Do you ever look around the office and see all the annoying little habits you and your co-workers have? Do you get frustrated at them? If the answer is no then I think you are kidding yourself! Everybody does it!

If you don’t know what annoying habits might be going around your office take a look below to find out the 25 most annoying office habits:

  • Un-plugging a device but leaving the switch on
  • Co-workers singing or whistling while you are trying to do your work
  • Co-workers who bring smelly foods to work and eat them at their desk
  • Typing really loud like they are hitting the keys on the keyboard
  • Taking shoes off while at their desk
  • Saying “Good Afternoon” when you are five minutes late into work
  • Sharing TMI (Too Much Information) about their personal lives
  • Coming into work when obviously really ill
  • Co-workers leaving dirty cups on their desk at the end of the day
  • Co-workers leaving their desks a mess ALL THE TIME
  • On the other hand – co-workers being way too ODC about their desk
  • When someone forgets to turn over the calendar when it becomes a new month
  • People who interrupt while you are talking
  • People constantly chewing crunchy foods at their desk.
  • Those that never respond to emails
  • Not having their phone on silent
  • Always talking about themselves and their other half
  • Leaving headphone in while talking to you
  • Those that are never in work on time
  • People laughing at an extreme volume
  • Telling people what the time is allllll day long, come on we know the time!!
  • Being a self-proclaimed finger/pencil drummer
  • When a co-worker has a violent case of restless leg
  • Colleagues not cleaning up after themselves
  • Co-workers constantly clicking their pen

I hope you enjoyed reading 25 annoying habits in the office.

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