heatwave 1

It’s boiling hot outside and you’re stuck in an office & the air con isn’t helping one bit.

So how do you survive it?

1. Drink lots of water.

  • When you sweat because of the heat, you lose water to cool you off. Unless you replace this water, you may become dehydrated. It is a good idea to put ice in your water to cool you down more.

2. Keep an eye on the news.

  • The news will likely have the latest on the weather and what temperatures to expect for the following days. The Weather Channel is also a good alternative.

3. Keep people spaced out.

  • You emit body heat which can transfer to another person making them hotter. Space out about ten feet to ensure you will get the least amount of warm air.

4. Take warm showers.

  • Take warm showers in the morning and at night to keep you cold. Do not take cold showers because then the body tries to heat you up, instead of cooling you down.

5. Turn on fans.

  • They keep cold air circulating through the room and cool off the hot air. If you have one, use a personal fan. Rotating ground fans are the best.

6. Go to the pool.

  • Being submerged in water cools off your body and hydrates your pores. You may also make good friends who’s houses may still have air conditioning!

7. Go to a place with air conditioning.

  • These are good places to cool off. Places like the library and movie theater can also take your mind off the heat by distracting you.

8.  Suck on ice cubes. 

  • Keeping your upper body is essential as it is the base temperature for the rest of the body. The frozen water will also melt and give you water.

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