Top 5 Office Hacks

Did you know there are simple cheats in the office to make your life at work better?

Wonder(ful) Wall

Use up those unwanted colour envelopes & stick them on your boring, poorly painted, magnolia wall which you stare at day in day out. Post-it notes are also great at adding colour to plain walls.

Jungle Life

Bringing a bit of the jungle into your office with flowers or a Spider Plant can also be beneficial for your office. A plant can help improve productivity and makes the air in the office a lot healthier.

Rubber Cushion

A rubber makes a perfect holder for drawing pins, this way you won’t reach into your pencil case or pen holder without stabbing yourself with a drawing pin.

A Web of Wires

Are you forever tripping over your wires when you go to sit down at your desk or getting your feet stuck in the wires underneath your desk? Well a binder clip is ideal for keeping those wires in place and not slithering all over the floor causing a tripping hazard.

Sharpie Scuff Remover

Scuffed your shoes before a meeting? Use a sharpie permanent marker to get rid of scuff marks & look squeaky clean again.

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