Introducing: InkJoy 100 – PaperMate’s Revolutionary Writing System


Annoyed with finding smudge marks on your notes or excess ink on your hands and clothes, then this is simple. You should start writing with a PaperMate® Inkjoy™ 100.

Why should you choose Inkjoy™?

With the Inkjoy™ 100 you can experience effortless writing. Featuring a triangular shape to provide comfort and control while writing, it is also designed with a translucent colour-tinted body that gives the pen a modern, refreshing look. The long-lasting

What’s so special?

The Inkjoy™ 100 has a special blend of technology and art:

“A unique blend of ultra-low viscosity inks and optimized tips to give you unparalleled smoothness.”

Alongside this, it also has “a range of sleek and modern pen designs housing a rich palette of vivid link colors to dazzle your writing imagination.”

The Inkjoy™ 100 is available in a range of colours; Black, Blue, Mocha, Orange, Red, Magenta, Purple, Turquoise, Green and Lime.

We currently have a great offer on PaperMate’s Inkjoy™ 100! Receive a free pack of 10 InkJoy™ 100 assorted fun colours when you buy a box of 50 InkJoy 100 in blue or black.

Feel the joy & write with an Inkjoy pen!


I’ve got my InkJoy™ 100 pens, have you got yours?

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