How to Perform Well in Interviews.

Be confident from the start.

Your cv/application form was chosen out of many and thought to be one of the best. It will have taken them a lot of time to sort through the people wanting the job, searching for the right candidate. Before you even get there you know that your foot’s in the door. Things are in you favour; don’t forget that as you prepare.

Do some research on the company?

(Google is your best friend here). Look at the company’s web page. Find out as much of the company as you can. Things like ‘About us’, ‘Meet the team’, ‘Our Mission/vision/goal’ and ‘contact us’ could be very helpful in these situations when preparing for the interview.

Remember the Job Description? 

This tells you what you would be doing if you get the job so read over the job description a few times while you are getting closer to the interview. When you are in the interview refer back to the job description. Don’t understand what a certain job role is? Ask them, if you parts on the job description then why not say what parts you find are your strengths and that you know you can already do but would like to improve on and then what your weaknesses are i.e. never done it before, will show that you have read over the job description

Remember what you put on your cv/application form.

It would be horrible if you got into the interview and the person interviewing you had a copy of your cv/application form and you can’t even remember what you put on it. Make a copy before you send it off so that you can look back until you have that upcoming interview and take them with you, you might have some spare time to be able to read over before you go in.

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