Should you have an office dog?


So what is good about having an office dog?

Is it just the fact they are adorable and fluffy so that’s why everyone wants one?

  1. Stroking an office dog lifts morale across the entire team.
  2. They’re a great marketing tool when branded- Why not stick the little pup in a coat with your logo on and take him/her out on a walk?
  3. Dogs are comforting and de-stressing
  4. Dogs are great at cheering people up
  5. Dogs can bring a team together and make the office feel like a family
  6. Clients love dogs!
  7. Dogs are a fantastic excuse to go to nip out of the office for a relaxing walk.

Although there are somethings to consider when bringing an office dog in or bringing your own dog in;

  • Is everyone OK with the idea of an office dog? If not, maybe you can designate a doggy-free area in the office for anyone who is not a dog lover to work in.
  • Who is going to look after toilet breaks and walks? Select a few people who have owned dogs before to be part of a special task force that does these duties.
  • Where will the dog sleep at nap times? Bring in your dog’s bed each day so that he has a comfortable place to retreat when he wants to rest.
  • Is the dog allowed any treats? Make sure every staff member knows what the dog can and can’t eat by posting up a list of foods on the office notice board.
  • What time does the dog get a walk, a toilet break and a meal? Sticking to a set routine is best for everyone.

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