Helix’s famous Oxford range has all you need for back to school

oxford helix

The Helix Oxford range is as synonymous with school life as teachers, books and exams. And now the world famous stationery brand has launched new products in the range to aid the studies of thousands more youngsters.

Since the company’s launch back in 1887, more than 150 million of its famous Oxford Maths Sets have been sold across the globe. Its unrivalled reputation has seen it trusted as the first choice in stationery by generations of youngsters.

oxford helix 2

New products added to the famous Oxford range include school handwriting pens with erasable and washable blue ink that enable smooth consistent writing, permanent pens in a range of bright colours and a metal-sleeved eraser to sit next to the popular barrel sharpener. The new compact tri-lighter fits perfectly in your pencil case and is ideal for use in exams, the high quality colouring pencils are contained in a traditional Oxford tin and the new pencil cases bearing the well-known Oxford logo and designs means you will stand out in the crowd! The complete range provides everything a child needs for their pencil case and is a one stop shop for Back To School and Exam time.

Visit ModernOfficeSupplies.co.uk too find the right Helix Oxford product for you!


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