Why plants are beneficial in an office.

Plants can be very beneficial when working within an office environment. They bring a number of benefits. These include; improvement of indoor air quality, reduces stress, stimulates your brain, increases productivity and it can make a room feel more comfortable to sit in.

By having a plant in your office it can reduce a number of everyday issues in the office. A plant can improve air quality reducing fatigue by 20%, headaches by 45%, sore/dry throats by 30%, coughs by 40% and dry facial skin by 25%.

Plants can also absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, this reduces your carbon footprint but it can also increase oxygen quality level, refreshing the air and you. This then leads to increased concentration and productivity between 10-15%.

Office plants that will be beneficial for your office –

  1. Areca Palm/English Ivy – Cleans the air
  2. Peppermint/Lemon Balm– Stimulates your brain
  3. Spider Plant – Low maintenance
  4. Aloe Vera – Low maintenance
  5. Orchid – Brings a touch of colour to your office


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