Don’t know how to conduct a meeting? Here’s how.

business meeting

  1. Know what you want to accomplish.

It is important to know why you are holding the meeting. Write down a list of goals of what you want to get out of the business meeting. When you are in the meeting, present this to the members of the meeting. Make sure the meeting finishes when everything on the list has been answered.

  1. Develop a plan.

Once you have decided on what you want to accomplish, you need to create a plan on how you will communicate this to the members of the meeting. Try to avoid using complicated words when explaining the ideas you are putting forward and be willing to answer any questions that the members of the meeting are asking. If someone doesn’t understand what you are saying try and rephrase what you are saying so that you know everyone understands what you are trying to say.

  1. Make sure you stay on topic.

When there are a lot of members in a meeting it may be difficult to stay on topic. If you find that the meeting isn’t going anywhere or someone is not engaged, politely circle back to the important topic that is why you are in a meeting after all.

  1. Ask all the right questions.

When talking to the members of the meeting ask the right questions to get them engaged with the meeting. Write down a list of questions before going into the meeting.

  1. Determine a timeline.

Make sure you have specific deadlines of when you would like your objectives to get completed otherwise people might know when things have to be done by.

  1. Don’t leave the meeting right away.

Don’t just finish speaking/presenting and then leave. Chances are some topics that you have spoken about will have people wanting you to explain more about it or they might not fully understand the presentation.

  1. Change things up a little.

In the last meeting could you see people getting bored and losing concentration? This time add some variety to the meeting and do NOT do the SAME thing all the time. It will prevent the members of the meeting from getting bored. Be flexible when taking suggestions on improving your business meetings.

8. Write up meeting notes straight after

Make sure you write up your notes while they are still fresh in your mind. Even if it’s past your finish time you’ll soon regret it if you leave this until the morning.

9. Send a follow up meeting email

Once the meeting has finished it’s really good to send a follow up meeting after so that your points are remembered and on file like an email. Especially if you are the one controlling the meeting. This way you won’t forget and neither will those in the meeting.

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