What’s your favourite dunker?

Everyone has their favourite dunker to submerge into their cuppa throughout their day at work. There will always be your favourite biscuit that’s too big to even dunk into your tea or you’ve been dunking it for too long and it leaves a soggy mess at the bottom of your mug.

Do you ever have to raid the biscuit tin early hours on Friday morning to get your dib’s on the best biscuit before everyone gets their favourite!

There’s always going to be one colleague that prefers just one biscuit or just likes every sort, you never win.


Top 10 dunkers:

  1. Digestive – Either plain, chocolate or caramel is ideal to dunk in your tea
  2. Rich Tea – The God of all biscuits. Moreish and low in calories
  3. Ginger Nut – A perfect contestant…they retain their flavour even after numerous dunks
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie – The messy one, beware of the crumbs and smudgy chocolate fingers
  5. Custard Creams – A biscuit you can take apart to make two! Then you don’t feel as bad
  6. Hobnobs – This crumbly biscuit will leave a crop of oats harvesting at the bottom of your mug
  7. Oreos – Great competition for the Custard Cream…this biscuits can also be separated
  8. BN’s – The smiley biscuit of happiness
  9. Biscotti – With an almondy, nutty flavour this biscuit is ideal to dunk in coffee if you aren’t a lover of tea
  10. Bourbon – This biscuit has true staying power (No sloppy biscuit at the bottom of your mug)

So…what is your idea of the perfect dunking biscuit? Is it the ‘God’ of almighty biscuits…the Rich Tea? Or will it be the all-time classic Mcvities Chocolate Digestive?

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