Stop stressing so much with these top tips


Relax your body

  • Exercise

Just 30- 45 mins of exercise 3 times a week can make you feel much healthier and in control of your own life. Exercise can relieve stress, reduce depression and improve your cognitive function (improving your memory)

  • Get a massage

Massage therapy can help reduce stress and a massage is a great way to relax and to minimize the physical and emotional tension you are experiencing.

  • Eat well

Maintaining the right diet is the key to reducing stress and a well- nourished body is able to cope with the side effects of stress better. Get rid of products high in sugar and replace them with more natural food like fruit.

Relax your mind

  • Read

Reading is a great way to calm your mind and gain knowledge. It’s also a wonderful way to wake up your mind in the morning and help you fall asleep at night.

  • Think positively

Become a positive thinker and to take more pleasure in your everyday interactions. It is better to be an optimist than a pessimist.

  • Laugh more

Laughing has been proven to reduce stress. Humour can positively impact recovering from illnesses, laughing releases endorphins, brain chemicals that enhance your mood and using humour allows you to look at things in a different light.

  • Practice deep breathing

Focusing on deepening your breath is one way to invoke the relaxation response to stress. Deep breathing encourages full oxygen exchange, meaning the trade of incoming fresh oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide.

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