5 reasons why you don’t need to be perfect


5 reasons why you shouldn’t be perfect:

  1. It would be really boring.

You would be lame and robotic if you didn’t show your humanness (weaknesses, imperfections, quirkiness, etc.)

  1. You would be un-relatable.

You would have a hard time connecting with others as you wouldn’t be vulnerable to anything.

  1. You would never laugh at yourself.

When things go a little weird, or a bit wrong, you can really get a kick out of your mistakes or your situation. It is important to have a balance.

  1. You would not learn anything.

Honestly, the best way to learn is to find ways to keep improving from your past. This gives us something to work for, and can be a huge motivator.

  1. You would not be able to adapt.

When situations don’t go “perfectly” we can learn to adapt and use our mental strength to persevere. The best way to continue to do this, is to continue to be challenged to overcome.

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