No time for brekkie?

Breakfast can sometimes feel like a chore. Cereal, yoghurt, fruit, repeat. Cereal, yoghurt, fruit, repeat. Maybe you’re continental, and would rather an exotic, calorific croissant. How exciting.

Is it an old wives tale, or is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

Well, there are many ways to ensure you eat the correct breakfast to get you prepared for the day ahead and keep motivated. Even if you’re in a rush, as soon as you hop out of bed, these quick and easy recipes can either be prepared within 5 minutes or even the night before to guarantee you get your morning fix!

break-18987_640 (1)

7 days of healthy breakfast options –

Monday: Overnight Oats

Tuesday: Fruit Smoothie (maybe mix Banana and oats to ensure you get your potassium to help you concentrate throughout the day.)

Wednesday: Energy/Cereal bar

Thursday: Porridge with your selected topping (Strawberries, Sugar/Sweetener, Honey, Salt?)

Friday: Big bowl of fruit with natural yoghurt (maybe add sweetener for that extra sweet taste.)

Saturday: Poached Eggs on Toast

Sunday: Well, you can’t miss out on a fry up. Instead, grill the bacon, sausage, mushrooms and tomato to ensure you receive the benefits from a tasty breakfast.

Skipping breakfast is definitely not a good idea. But with this range of tasty, scrumptious and all important healthy ideas, breakfast never has to be a chore again.

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