Easy ways you can save on office supplies

save money

Buy office supplies in bulk

You can get a lot of savings when you buy in bulk. Make a list of which supplies are used the most in your office and try to purchase them in volume. When you order in high proportions the opportunity of halving your costs is much higher. You can buy the items at lower prices and normally receive lower delivery costs for big orders.

Opt for generic items

If you take a look at all the prices of office supplies around, you will see that a product’s brand affect its pricing. If you want to cut costs, then going standard or generic might be a good idea. But it is best if you could try out a small sample of the items with a generic brand before you make a big order.

Create a supplies station in the office

If you want to cut down on your office supplies expense then you should find a way to control the usage of the office stock. One way you can do this is by having a supply station where employees may take the supplies they need. This way, you can monitor how much of each item is used per week or month. This will also discourage your employees from over ordering.

Shop online

There are many websites where you can do some discount shopping online. Aside from the discounts on office supplies, you can also take advantage of their discount coupons. You may also be able to ask about free or discount delivery fees.

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