Take smart steps

check list

Businesses need to be alert to these dangers and should protect their own corporate identity by taking the following steps:

  • Always keep company and confidential documents secure, preferably in a locked draw or room with limited access.
  • Always shred immediately any unwanted documents containing practice, patient or personal information on it – preferably with a cross-cut shredder.
  • Always shred headed note paper and anything with your practice details on it including copies of manager’s signatures.
  • Never respond to emails asking for personal, company or financial information. Be especially careful when sending this type of information over the internet and always check for the lock which signals that personal information is secure during transmission.
  • Never give personal or company information to people calling from companies that the business has not dealt with before.
  • Always check the identity of these people by calling them back. Obtain their office number from directory enquires and then confirm their position with the switchboard before speaking to them.
  • Always undertake checks on all the new suppliers and employees.

– Set out clear do’s and don’ts for your staff and make sure they are followed.

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