Are you OCD about desk organisation?

organised desk

Is your desk messy one minute and perfectly organised the next, with everything neatly tidied away and in line with each item?

If the answer is yes, then you are probably OCD about your desk!

Find out if you are with our top 14 signs for being OCD at your desk:

  1. Is everything colour coordinated to your liking?
  2. Are all the wires for your computer neatly clipped away to the side & definitely not making your desk look messy?
  3. Is everything all in its place and not cluttering your desk?
  4. Do you have more than 1 pen pot? If so, are the pens separate to pencils, and the pencils separate to the erasers and so on… you get the picture.
  5. Inside the drawers next to your desk… is it all arranged so that you can easily access everything – and not have to rummage around to find your box of paper clips?
  6. If you have a pile of letters, are they all in size order? Date order? Alphabetical?
  7. Is the calendar next to your computer screen up to date with little x’s on the days you have done?
  8. Have you got a separate notebook for each project you are doing, and in those notebooks is it all colour coordinated?
  9. On the pin board next to your desk, does it have your to-do list in order of what you must do first? Does it have plan of what you are going to do this week? Month? Year?
  10. Do you have everything that you need on your desk ready, in order, piled neat and tidy ready for when you start?
  11. You stress out if something is out of place and you MUST sort it out before you go into panic mode.
  12. You get annoyed when someone else’s desk is a mess and it is just too tempting to tidy/organise it for them.
  13. If you have a certain brand of stationery that needs replacing but is nowhere to be found, you decide to get rid of that one pen or buy a whole new set.
  14. You are unable to focus on the work you have got to do if you see something unorganised.

Face it! You are OCD about desk organisation and the things around your desk. You can’t stand mess otherwise you just freak out.

But who cares! Be proud of it, you never know… one day it might come in handy!

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