Kick start your #FridayFeeling here now!

It’s Friday, hallelujah! We’ve all experienced that Friday feeling, in fact, I bet you’re feeling it right now.  But what determines you have that Friday feeling? What are the signs?

its friday 3

  1. You feel like you’ve been working for about 5 hours out of your day, whereas in reality, you’ve only been working half an hour and time feels like it’s taking forever to go by. Even the sound of the clock ticking slowly is making you feel like your work day is never going to end.
  2. Everyone seems to be in a slightly better mood compared to Tuesday, Wednesday and certainly the dreaded Monday.
  3. You use the excuse of it being Friday to cheat on your diet and another biscuit out of the tin when you know you should but still do, you intend to say “Well seeing as it is Friday” or “well because it’s Friday”.
  4. You see #FridayFeeling everywhere you look, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and even LinkedIn!
  5. The people that you work with/associate on a normal working workday have never been more interesting once it gets to Friday!
  6. It seems a lot harder to wake up on Friday than any other day of the week. Apart from the “you know what day” after Sunday!
  7. There’s always the conversation going round about “what are you doing this weekend?” and of course you ask everybody in the office and then you realise that you’ve ran out people to ask so you move onto “Are you looking forward to the weekend?”, “Friday has come round so quick, don’t you think?” or “I’m so glad it’s Friday, this week has been so slow”
  8. You find yourself staring into space considerably more than you would do usually.
  9. ANYTHING will distract you on a Friday. You’re completely ignoring all the work you have to do and just saying “what work do I really need to do today?” just so you can say…

At least it’s Friday!!

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