How to be patient at work.


The office, of course, van be a very stressful place. Deadlines, phone calls, meetings… Just the weekly routine can raise your stress levels!

Patience is one of the hardest skills to master for any employee.

Identifying your triggers is a great start. Realize what sets your impatience meter off and try to avoid those situations as best you can. That’s not always doable, though. So when you feel your patience slipping through your fingers, try some of these tactics:

  1. Just breathe.

Take some deep breaths, in and out. This will help you slow your heart rate down and hopefully take your mind temporarily off your trigger.

  1. Count to 10.

Similar to deep breaths, this will slow you and your heart rate down, and more importantly clear your mind. If you’re really hot under the collar, count higher or do a few sets of 10.

  1. Relax your shoulders.

You can do this one standing up or right in your desk chair. Just raise your shoulders and hold for three seconds, then slowly drop them down. Repeat a number of times until you feel the tension leave your body.

  1. Cut back on the caffeine.

I know it’s tough, I mean coffee is just too tasty! But cutting down on the caffeine will make you far less irritable and in return a lot more patient!

  1. Plan ahead

Once you’re aware of your triggers, do you best to avoid them, or to help offset them. If you know your co-worker is always two days late with an assignment, the next time around give them a fake deadline two days earlier.

  1. Take a walk

Head outside and take a walk. The fresh air will do you good and you’ll have time to cool down a bit and you’ll be able to look at the problem in a new perspective.

  1. Get a stress ball.

Keep a stress ball in your desk and any time you feel your patience slipping away, give the ball a squeeze.

  1. Practice yoga.

Start taking yoga classes or get in the habit of performing some yoga moves at home. This will relax you in general, and also teach you some positions you can try at the office when you start feeling hot under the collar.


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