Are you eating enough fruit at work?

Eating fruit throughout the work day has a ton of benefits which help keep you feeling alert and improve your levels of productivity- a far healthier alternative than a short burst of a sugar rush from a can of coke or chocolate bar!

Try these popular fruits during your work diet to get the most out of your working day:

Apples contain Vitamin A which helps promote good vision- ideal for all those hours staring at the computer screen!

Peaches contain a good dose of vitamin c which is essential for your immune system, and are perfect for warding off the bout of flu’s that make their way through the office in the winter.

Bananas are a great source of Potassium, they provide an instant, long lasting energy and is a low sodium source, essential for those lowering blood pressure.

Grapes are easily portable and the perfect fruit for work as it’s packed with Vitamin K, to help you perform better at work.

Oranges provide a lot of energy & it packed with Vitamin C to help reduce fatigue (great for ‘hump day’ on Wednesdays).

Strawberries are also another tasty way to beat fatigue, and like peaches they can also improve your eyesight too!

Pineapples provide a great instant energy boost and is packed with nutrients including Vitamin C, B1, B6 and Fibre.

You can pick these fruits from most supermarkets so shouldn’t be hard to incorporate in to your current diet.

Why not try and get your workplace to begin a #FruitFriday, where a basket of fruit is provided for employees. A healthy workplace benefits both employers and employees alike and this simple thing could work wonders on both morale and productivity- a desired effect in any office!

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