How to be noticed at work!

Pay attention to your personal appearance.

Even if you work in a mechanic’s garage or other job where cleanliness is hard to maintain, people still notice the way you look after yourself.

Be presentable and always be clean and hygienic.

This includes adhering to the noticeable dress code. Everybody would like to speak with a person who is clean and tidy. The rule applies in office as well.

Be early, so supervisors or department heads will see you standing out from the crowd.

These people often report early to set the day’s agenda, and will notice you before the rest of the shift reports. At the very least, always be punctual and avoid being late.

Don’t keep on just stocking your work.

Do it quality-wise and appropriately.

Be timely with your projects or work schedule.

If you are the person who always finishes a job ahead of schedule, your supervisors and customers (if applicable) will appreciate your efforts.

Stay late if it makes a difference in the success of a project you are working on.

Staying late just to collect overtime, of course, will draw negative attention to you, and that is not the focus of this article.

Look for ways to improve the task you are doing.

Some employers have suggestion boxes, and some even offer bonuses for suggestions that make a task more efficient or profitable.

Don’t stand idle, keep yourself busy and wear a smile.

A smile is the best asset that anybody has! Flash it around and get noticed, simple.

Establish face time with your superiors, even if it’s the CEO of your company or business.

Don’t hesitate or be afraid, most bosses like people who talk. Remember: “A talking mind is an open one”.

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