How To Be Everyone’s Favourite Co-Worker

It’s easy to forget that we spend an average of 40 hours a week with our colleagues. If you forget the average 6 hours and 42 minutes that we spend sleeping, that’s roughly an hour and a half more than we spend at home with our partners, flatmates or pets… even Netflix! You may think that all of the cups of tea, nights out and holidays that you’ve spent with your nearest and dearest make them your closest allies but, in fact, you could be spending a staggering 10 years of your life just at work, surrounded by your colleagues (and we can’t even work out how many nights at the pub that equates to).

So here are some surprisingly basic tips that could help you on your way to becoming the office sweetheart.

Always say ‘Good Morning’

Even if it’s not the ‘done thing’ in your office block, be sure to say ‘Good Morning’ to those you see during the commute to your desk. (The same rule applies for when you leave the office on an evening, as well.) Not only is it good manners, but it shows off the friendly and approachable character that others may not see during tough sales negotiations and board meetings.

Make Drinks

You may religiously bring a bottle of water or a Starbucks into the office with you every morning; nevertheless, offering to make your co-workers a tea or coffee in the morning is a worthwhile investment. With any luck, the favour will soon be returned!

TIP: If you’re starting a job, offer to make a drink in the first week to demonstrate that you want to be part of the team. It’s too easy to be mistaken for the ‘quiet one’ when you’re new!

Be Chivalrous

This applies to both men and women. Open to offer doors for those carrying drinks, files and various other items. (This doesn’t apply to just the office, either.)

Don’t Let The Phone Ring Out

Oh, you don’t work in Sales? It really doesn’t matter. If a phone is ringing and there is no-one around, answer it and re-direct it to the relevant person. Failing that, take a message. You all work for one business and making sure that the phones are answered in a timely fashion is a vital part of the customer experience. Moreover, there isn’t anything more annoying than someone who is completely unwilling to answer the phone when needs be.

Take Detailed Messages

Adding to our previous point, any messages that are taken on a colleagues behalf shouldat the very least, have a contact name and number with which to phone back. Unless you work in an office full of PIs, that is.

Some Like It Hot… (and Others Don’t)

Be courteous with turning the heating on and/or opening windows.

Get Involved

Staff nights-out, leaving parties, charity events… don’t be shy! Being the glue within your office community makes you the hub for any and all social activity- who knows, you may even have a bit of fun! (FYI, it will also ensure that all of your future references are glowing.)

TIP: Helping out doesn’t mean you have to take all responsibility. There’s a fine line between coordinating events and becoming the office mule!

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