5 Reasons Travel Is Good For The Mind, Body and Soul

It makes you slow down and breathe

Travelling enables you to take in the world around you. You wake up in the morning, have a laid-back breakfast before planning your day ahead, whether it’s a day filled with sightseeing, exploration, being one with nature or even laying on the beach soaking up the sun. When travelling, you’re able to slow down and really take in your surroundings; allowing yourself to truly appreciate the beauty of life and nature around.

Slowing down and breathing is actually really good for your distressed nerves and frazzled mind and is also a fantastic way to relieve your stress. All your tension feels lifted and your mind is at ease. It makes you realise that some of the most precious things in life are ignored and should be savoured and treasured.meditation.jpg

It helps you to take a step outside your comfort zone

Exploring unknown places definitely puts you in a position where you have to think outside the box. Whether it’s how you’re getting to your next adventurous place, your next activity or even trying to speak to someone of a completely different language who’s looking at you like you’re crazy. Travelling can challenge you, but it invites us to face our fears and helps us learn. It will throw things at you that maybe you’ve never experienced before, but when you travel, it compels you to get used to things that are outside your comfort zone and effectively enables you to handle pretty much anything life throws at you.

Being able to adapt to unfamiliar situations and realities challenges your mind – a mental workout that you may have been missing in your day-to-day life. For this reason alone, travelling strengthens your soul by becoming more tolerant and flexible to whatever circumstance you may find yourself in.comfort-zone

It enables you to embrace change and accept uncertainty

When exploring the world, nothing is certain. It’s not like being at home where everything is familiar and you can walk out your front door and are comfortable with everything around you. The scene changes, the people are different – they hold different values, morals, behaviours, language and culture. You have no idea what is waiting around the corner. As much as you plan out your day while travelling, there will always be unexpected things that may get in your way.

One thing you can be certain of while travelling is uncertainty. The one thing to remember is to embrace the uncertainty and enjoy whatever it is that comes your way. When you go home, take your new found attitude back with you and expect changes to commence throughout your whole life; be at peace with yourself and the unknown.  keynote02.jpg

It teaches you to be mindful

Mindfulness is not a matter of attaching everything to a good label. In fact, it’s being able to focus on the world around you, taking everything in with an open mind and non-judgemental attitude. Being mindful whilst travelling means being able to enjoy the surroundings without having a worry in the world. A mindful traveller is capable of appreciating any environment they are in without complaining or comparing it to another place. Having a mindful mindset allows you to find the hidden joys in everything and value the simple pleasures that are otherwise ignored in life.

Before you set off on your travels, you might want to practice this mindfulness. A few times a week practising mindful meditation will prepare your mind and spirit for your journey ahead, and also open your soul to a world of wonders.travelling

It gives you a completely new perspective on life

Observing how other cultures interact in their home town gives you a better understanding of how different people live. It teaches you to appreciate what you have and what others have, to not take things for granted and value your roots. Unplugging yourself from your daily routine and experiencing the wider world also has the beneficial byproduct of making you less anxious during your everyday life.

Travel completely broadens your perspective, not only of the greater world but also of yourself as it enables you to have a better understanding of who you really are. You’re faced with the reality of doing things outside of your comfort zone, which, as awful as it may seem at the time, enables you to transform how you look at different situations. Psychologists note that people often have epiphanies while travelling as they can look at their problems from a different point of view being as they’re less attached to it and have a clearer mind in order to look at the situation. In effect, travelling shows you the world through other people’s eyes. Seeing and experiencing how other cultures live may force you to challenge your own judgements and free your mind to experience alternative ways to live and enjoy living.download

Overall, travel is good for your mind, body and soul as it opens you up to a whole range of new experiences, friends and ways of living. It’s the best thing you can do. Where have you travelled?

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