Computing Cleaning Month!

October is Computer Cleaning Month! If you’re not already, you should clean your computer and working area once a week to dispose of any unwanted germs in your office. Germs are invisible to the human eye so make sure you’re fully prepared for this year’s winter bug attack.

Do you actually know how many germs are collected over time on your keyboard and desk?

By leaving your work area and office equipment in an untidy or dirty way, you could encourage a condition for all types of harmful bacteria to find a cosy home to breed harmful and infectious bacteria all over the place you work day in, day out. Let’s hope you don’t eat your lunch there! Research has shown that the average office keyboard has more bacteria per swab than a toilet seat. Gross. Unless you maintain a tidy work space, eating at your desk is about as clean as eating in the bathroom. Cleaning your area frequently could greatly reduce the risk of bacteria finding a home on your computer utensils.


Irregular cleaning of your office equipment can also lead to overheating of the computer and cause clogs in the computer’s drive, affecting the cooling system. Therefore, by cleaning your office equipment, you will reduce costly breakdowns.

Ensure your commonly used everyday office equipment is eliminated from costing you a lot of money to either replace or effect its performance due to the build-up of unwanted germs.

Visit today and get all the cleaning supplies you need to make your computer squeaky clean!

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