Creepiest Halloween Makeup!

Halloween trends change all the time, but costumes are the one thing that stick. Why? Because it’s super fun to dress up scary and see all the amazing things people can do with themselves to look as horrible as possible. Plus, no one has to worry about looking good – quite the opposite, actually!

Halloween enthusiasts and makeup artists have been disconcerting us for years, pushing the Halloween costume crazes to become freakier each year; and we love their spirit!

Ventriloquist Doll

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t handle anything like this – clowns, dolls or anything similar send shivers straight through my spine. But this is an awesome recreation and fantastic costume

Half a Face

This is one of the best half faces I have ever seen – it’s so horrifyingly realistic it makes me want to gag… The contact lense gives a great finishing touch to the gory look, too.10779218_totally-creepy-halloween-makeup-ideas-2016_tfc2a9e81


Forget this new clown craze – their makeup doesn’t compare to this! This clown design is so simple yet effective by covering her mouth and giving her that creepy wide smile we all hate about clowns.



This unearthly creature looks spooky as anything. The artist has captured the alien so well; I couldn’t even tell you what planet they’re really from!


Terrifying Zombie

The artist who did this was obviously a specialist, the special effects on this are incredible! The way it looks like his skin is peeled back from his eyes is horrifying. It would certainly make me bolt for the nearest exit at a Halloween party.creative-halloween-make-up-ideas-6__605

Monster behind a mask

I absolutely love how gorily creative this look is! It’s possibly one of my favourites – I might even have to practice doing this for my own Halloween costume…


  I’m not sure what this is, but I don’t like it…

The sheer horror of this makeup is immeasurable, the long mouth combined with the sharp teeth and black content lenses just scream stay away. The way she’s done her hair is wicked too, but how did she do that?!


Queen of Darkness

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the creepiest of them all? Definitely this Queen… the combination of soulless eyes and black accessories work perfectly together to create this creepy illusion.enhanced-31170-1445269604-1.png

Two Faced Doll

A doll and a clown mixed together in the same costume?! I can’t stand the thought of one, let alone a double act! This makeup is all kinds of creepy.two-face-dollclown

Ice Queen

This pale picture of horror is so simplistic yet so effective. Imagine seeing this walk past you on a dark, eerie night….creative-halloween-make-up-ideas-56__700

Screaming Harlequin Girl

I literally have no words – this is truly petrifying.696d37c2d1de7c615647293d8bc09697

Halloween costumes and masks usually go hand-in-hand, but if you’ve got a creative spark and are over the tick-or-treat phase then these makeup ideas will be perfect to create panic among your friends at the Halloween party.

These Halloween makeup ideas really take the candy for being the creepiest around – I know I wouldn’t want them knocking on my door for treats… There’s dozens of tutorials on YouTube for each one, so you shouldn’t have a problem learning how to make yourself into these terrifying creatures.

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